Logie Log.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was never into high School. I think I was known for this too. 
Just didn't suit me.
You could say the only thing about High School that kept me going was my Logie Log. 
Logan Baker. 

We met freshmen year in Miss Monks Physical Science class.
We got stuck sitting next to each other. 
She said something sassy to monk, and I looked at her impressed and thought, 
"she's going to be a fun one." 
And that she was. From then on Log and I became the best of friends. 
Reasons why Logan is the woman. 
1. She could care less what others think of her, as long as she's happy with herself. 
2. Log is wild. 
3. She has a fetish for Gwen Stefani. She even went platinum for her sake. And I digged it. 
4. Logan is amazing at hair. 
5. Her fashion sense is one of a kind. No one can beat it, and no one can pull it off as well as her. 
6. She loves her family. Especially her niece. Log is a great aunt. 
7. Logan is passionate and lives up to what she believes in. 
8. Logan is adventurous, brave and always up for something new. 
9. She is RANDOM. Thank goodness because boring gets, well boring...
10. She is a model. Seriously, a career ahead is calling her name. 
11. Log is witty and naturally beautiful. 
12. Everyone wanted to be her in High School. I only tell the truth. 
13. Logan won Miss Pope High School. 
14. She does the best impressions. 
15. She has one of the best laughs I've ever heard. 
16. She can pull off ANY hair color. 
17. Logan is independent. She can be entertained by herself because she is THAT MUCH FUN.
18. Just like her last name, she's a fabulous Baker. 
19. Logan accepts people for who they are. 
20. Logan is Logan. Which is quite the treat.

Life long friend. Those don't hang around too long after High School. 
But Log is a different one. You can't get rid of her. 
And I thank the heavens above for that. 
Love you long time logie log. 


Lo B. said...

I almost peed myself reading that. You are far too kind...I miss you, though, and I'm excited I'll get to see you in August!

P.S. I didn't win Miss Pope :)

Ali said...

Rachel - Funny to hear you say you weren't in to high school and that everyone knew it. My Sr quote? (which is printed under my picture in the year book for the world to see and never forget??) "I've had a wonderful time, but this wasn't it".
yeah. low point. But it's how I felt at the time!

Jake and Jenna said...

i've always liked that logan. hey rach. i want you to know that i sincerely miss you. like, a lot.

this might tickle your fancy

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