Monday, May 18, 2009

Somebody slashed my tire Saturday night. Awesome I said. 
I guess that goes to show there are mad men in Provo. 
Or maybe I have created an enemy. 
And if that's the case, at least I made some what of an impression in their life for them to take such drastic measures. 
That's the only positive way to look at situations like this. 
With that said, I looked at Em, laughed my head off, dialed up a friend
and popped that spare into place and went on with life. 


Sarah Young said...

Ooh, bad form!!! Who does that kind of stuff?! Way to not let 'em win though, by not letting it get you down. You rule!

Ashley Karena said...

It was me. Don't be mad.

this might tickle your fancy

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