the beginnings of october.

Friday, October 11, 2013

So much black and orange and I love it! Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year, sometimes, I can't even stand it because I get so giddy over it! I always try my very best to make the month feel as how I felt as a child, or how I envisioned Halloween - or make it feel like they do in the Halloween movies.

You know as a child how every holiday seemed that much more extravagant or just a dramatic version of what it is as an adult? Does that make any sense? Well at every age, I've tried my best to not see the adult version of holidays and instead I become more of a kid again, and I go all out. I just wish towns would get more into holiday's and deck the crap out of the city, so that everywhere you went it just screamed Halloween and you couldn't escape the feeling.

So far, I have been to a fair share of halloween pumpkin patches, though I haven't purchased any pumpkins yet, because I seem to be hitting all of the expensive ones. That's when I should just go to the grocery store - but that takes all of the fun out of it. I've baked some witching hour sugar cookies while listening to halloween monster mash mixes and decorated my house with bats and spiders and witches hat garland. Sadly, my house just doesn't feel as Halloween as our old house did. That was much easier to do last year though, because we were living in that 1920's bungalow that already had a charming creep factor and so much character to work with. It's okay, I've done my best.

I have been painting A TON - with this being the last semester of school, it's a huge work load as I am really pushing myself to higher limits and this time around I am doing a large series of portraits. My first portrait is of a southern general from New Orleans and I am so proud of the turn out. I have never put that much work and detail into a painting and I am completely exhausted from it! Nonetheless, I have always wanted my own southern historical portrait and it was finished in time to hang up for Halloween and add a spooky southern mansion vibe to my home.

I've also been able to make my annual Halloween stop to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts because their Halloween doughnuts are my absolute favorite! I have to do it every year! I just have to! I still have so much left to do on my list. Tomorrow night we are doing a haunted house and watching a scary movie after. I still want to go apple picking in an orchard and we still obviously have to carve pumpkins and I can't even think about all of this - my head is going to explode! I JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN, and that's all. That's all.

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