calling all bacall's.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's very rare that my style icons are relevant. I could truthfully only name a few as I cant seem to steer away from the classic icons whom I gain so much inspiration from. One of which, Bogart's one true love - Lauren Bacall. I just really want to be her at times. I want her hair, which I had at my wedding, but one day wasn't enough... I need to learn how to recreate that look. Everything about her is chic, timeless, effortless and simple yet grand. I don't know why I can't achieve that vibe - I seem to always complicate things which I think is because I find myself trying too hard as of late. The whole fashion blogging world has gotten me to question my sense of style which is making me go crazy because I've always been set with my own ways and happy with them. I just need to stick to the basics like bacall and be true to myself. and that is what I shall do!

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Elora said...

I hear ya on the fashion blogger front! I look so different from them it confuses me! When did fashion become so harsh? What happened to the sweet/feminine days of old?

this might tickle your fancy

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