BATtaglia Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is Giovanna Battaglia (on the left), one of my all time favorite style icons. I really wish this photo wasn't so pixelated but you still get the point : she's halloween gone glam! Halloween is tomorrow and I am so ecstatic! Sadly, I am not totally myself this October.  This month has been crazy, as will the next and so on forth with mixing school in and packing up for the move. I've spent all of my spare Halloween time decorating the house and planning a Halloween Monster Mash but I have forgotten about my costume! Eek! How could I forget the main thing!?

With much thought, I always keep my Martha Stewart Halloween Guide Books, but the costumes in there are just too elaborate to put together in one night - so it's that kind of year where you sort of put on anything and everything that you own and you don't know what you are - until my style icon BATtaglia showed me the way: tricks for scoring the Halloween spirit at the last minute! Yep, I qualify for that. Don't you love her painted BATtaglia mask? This is when I wish I had sleek jet black hair like Gio. I still don't know what I'd say I was with this painted on my face but at least it has a Halloween vibe to it? Does it not? I've got this black and long twenties flapper dress I'll probably put on and then paint my face like this, paint my nails black, make my eyebrows black and wear a fun lipstick color and maybe to darken my blonde hair, I'll go get some black tulle fabric and wrap it around my head like Oscar de la Rentas models during this past fashion week. I would just get black hairspray paint but I'm too scared to do that. You're probably still wondering what I'd call myself, and I still don't know. I guess I could be a gothic Halloween flapper? Or I could be a gothic fortuneteller from the twenties?  I don't know, I don't know - I just want to look like Halloween so there it is.

It's so sad that I stress over this, but it is my favorite holiday so I can't fully blame myself. We will see how it goes! Happy Hallows-eve my witches!

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