frosting the state of utah.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the state of utah was graced with frost this past weekend. normally, i feel the need to keel over and die when the first major snow fall hits the state. but oddly, this year i have been pretty excited and positive with the weather. more open minded, i guess you could say. the snow fell hard and covered the land and it sure was a dreamscape. this years first major snow fall was unique and even more exquisite due to the fact that the orange, yellow and green fall leaves still had yet to fall. with that said every color was magically frosted with  snow making the state glow with color. the trees were so heavy due to the inches plus the leaves that many trees did split and fall on cars and in the yards of houses. luckily the zoo and i decided to take my car to the james bond movie because when we arrived home, my normal parking spot was dumped with large tree branches. unfortunately the snow will melt this week and that's okay because i always love my dosage of warmth and sunshine.

these four photos above were taken from myself and my friends off instagram. so many people captured the most beautiful landscapes of the snow fall, that i had to share. here are a few of my favorites. if i had a prize i'd hand them out because my jaw dropped when i saw these photos.

1. this photo was taken by my friend kelsey who currently lives in salt lake. she was able to capture a frosted sunset of the state capital.

2. this photo was taken by my friend deb in provo. i can't get over how much this photo looks like a watercolor. it is truly dreamy.

3. this photo was captured by myself. i thought it was really cool until i saw all of the other photos above. but i still love it because this was taken on our street right out side of our house at midnight. i loved seeing the swamp of trees frosted and hanging heavy over the pavement. it was magical.

4. this photo was taken by my friend whitney. i love the pops of green and oranges/yellows in this.

i hope your weekend was enjoyable and safe no matter what your weather was! onto a productive week we go!

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