happy go lucky.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

so.... i have had a tumblr for some time now, and often find no reason to have one, except for the fact that im a sucker for nice clean designs and layouts. sometimes i find myself just looking at my tumblr, as the site itself because i find it so pretty with the clean text, and the bright photographs of people i adore, fashion i drool over and the colors with how vivid and bright they are. im trying to maybe get back on board and post photos that i love and find inspiration in. many of these photos i use to capture future color palettes for my paintings. so if you find time and some curiosity and would like to view my happy go lucky tumblr every now and then, go for it. if not, that is a-okay with me. just click on the tumblr button to the left of my blog. you  may have to scroll down a bit to find it. hope you find some beauty and inspiration in this photographs because I SURE DO!

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