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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

heres to looking at you 2011. so long and farewell. 2011 was an interesting year. lets just say it was a little more laid back. i was very surprised with the lack of pictures i took. lets just say, i got a little out of the habit of being camera crazy. that minor habit is over and out (i'll never let that happen again.) all of my holidays were low key. valentines day was fun. zeke took charge and made it creative and thoughtful. lets see, easter was spent in salt lake and at a friends house. salt lake is always an adventure though. even my birthday was low key, i just didn't feel up to a party! was this a year to be lazy or what? holy cow. 4th of july, was spent in georgia so i couldn't complain. only, my beloved georgia thunderstorms put a damper on the famous lenox fireworks in buckhead. yikes. october, now i went all out with the decor. martha stewart helped with the costume and well, i think the halloween party was a confirmation on being done with provo parties. i just felt so OLD. but how could i when i am still so YOUNG? now thanksgiving was a blast. spent that holiday in utah. my parents came out here instead and we all piled in my sisters home with all of my nieces and nephew. ate a lot of food, played a lot of greed, went shopping spent time with extended family. it was really a much needed break. and christmas this year was a party i do have to say. it was quiet this year since it was the in-law year leaving me to be the only child home in georgia with the parents. but whats to complain about? i got to hang out with them and we really rocked and rolled. we traveled to wilmington, north carolina then headed south to my favorite city, charleston, south carolina. we did a week doing all of that and spent the second week at home watching non stop classic movies and the twilight zone. we had a bunch of friends and family visit every night for dinner and games. opened up presents christmas eve because my parents and i just flat out felt like it. there were no rules, no regulations, we did as we pleased and we really enjoyed ourselves. i sure miss my parents. they are a total blast. back to utah for new years eve and that was even more quiet than the whole entire year! i guess it worked out nicely though, since i did fly in new years eve night and everyone was kind of just whooped.

now here i am, living in the new year of 2012. i think this year is gonna be extra lucky because 1.) it aint the end of the world, sorry people. 2.) romney won the iowa caucus 3.) it still hasn't snowed yet 4.) im totally repairing myself : figure, hair, skin you name it. 5.) the end is near concerning school. 5.) anything could be better than last year.

highlights of this past year : of course hilton head island, south carolina. how could i leave this precious memory out. its the greatest holiday of the year. i look forward to this family trip more than christmas. say it aint so? i just said it, it is so. so there you have it. only 6 more months. any hoo im trying to start this year off right and its gonna take some motivation since this semester in school is going to be the busiest yet and i can't let that bring me down. so cheers to a new year. lets begin!

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