the charleston, with a bit of swag

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

entertainment for today. my favorite dance, "the charleston" taken place at its finest with a touch of todays "swag." really, i couldn't love this clip anymore than i already do. it's brilliant. it deserves to be put to the test and memorized. if i had a time machine, i'd go back to the roaring twenties and be a flapper and get my charleston a-goin. you best believe it. 

hopefully i'll get some photos in this weekend. my goal has yet to explode with the picture mode. i need to stay away from that instagram and stay true to the original camera. sundance film festival is taking place this weekend in park city. i'll be attending and im hoping to get a little star struck. i knew there was something good to come from january. snow is finally kicking it. i thought i'd get lucky and mother nature would pass the plow over and save it for next year. i guess she just can't help herself. lets pray this doesnt last till may, because from im told, "april showers bring may flowers" and im ready to wear my sundresses. half way through the week! more power to you all!

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