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Friday, December 23, 2011

tonight i watched a grace kelly movie, "high society" which is a remake of the film "a philadelphia story" with my parents tonight. aside from a difference in cast and a film being in black and white to color, the main difference in both film was that "high society" had a cast filmed with talented voices, that of bing crosby, frank sinatra and of course louis armstrong. throughout the film, many great songs were sang and scenes were filled with the great jazz of mr. louis and his band. he's a character, that's for sure, but so full of talent. 

i love love love jazz music. i love the sounds of louis armstrong and his trumpet. the original jazz music from new orleans is really one of my greatest interests. i wont go into detail but for real, one of my dream vacations is to visit new orleans, stay at a  plantation (ideally the oak alley plantation) live off of my favorite dishes, cajun creole, walk the streets of the french quarter, take trips down the bayou, sneak a peek into the voodoo shops and last but not least dance the night away in the southern heat to live and local jazz bands. for real, that would be a dream. with all of that said, louis armstrong tonight got me back into my dream mode zone and here i find myself youtubing new orleans local bands. i've been finding some great ones. if you love this sort of music, let me know and i'll share with you some gems that i have found. they'll knock you off your rocker. 

one in particular i came across was a new orleans local band called, "TBC Brass Band." how they caught my eye you ask? there were a ton of them, on the streets, and the youtube label was "Billy Jean." of course i clicked it : MJ for life. i wasnt surprised at all. they were killing it, and i was in hog heaven. boy oh boy do these boys have soul. so i start browsing and browsing and googled them and read information about them and found out that one of their saxophone players, brandon "bee" franklin, at age 22, was murdered on may 9, 2010. to express their grief, the whole community spent a full week, performing theirs, as well as brandons passion for music in the streets of new orleans. this video i came across was of them performing, "I'll Be Missing You" for brandons memorial.

For one, I was blown away with how many people in the community knew how to play a brass instrument. Then again, it's new orleans and thats why the people there are so unbelievably  awesome because their culture is so deep in the talent and passion of music. Overall, I was blown away a touched by the mass of these people. To me, this is proof that there really is more good in the world then bad. I just wanted to pass this video along and spread the word out there of this band. I can't get enough of them. Lets give them a little boost, check out their music on youtube and keep up with updates on twitter : @TBCband

I hope you love them as much as I do. And I hope this touches you as well. It's people like them that make the world go round. Let's make 2012 a year to reach out to others and think less of ourselves. And to possibly add a little more jazz in our lives. 

merry christmas to you all. and thank you TBC Brass Band, you guys are out of control and im digging it. 

*if you loose patience in watching this whole thing, let me give you the time of my favorite parts that YOU HAVE TO WATCH, if you're going to watch any of this at all. the bold time is my favorite time, just fyi *
00:31 - 1:07      2:35 - 3:47     4:06 - 5:54

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