sundance film festival.

Monday, January 23, 2012

back from the adventure in park city. of the five years that i've lived in utah, i always somehow miss the event of the winter, the sundance film festival. it never helps when i always believe year after year, that the festival takes place in february. little did i realize its in january. every year. either way, i made up it up this time and all safe and sound too. mother nature finally decided to dump a load of snow. its been awhile with this mild winter and it caused quite the zoo on the roads through the canyon and from heber to park city. cars were rolling left and right. highway patrol was seen every mile. it was a mess. but thanks to the 4wheel drive we made it up there in no time.

mainstreet was buzzing like crazy. the hustle and bustle was kind of exciting. everyone was snug tight in their fur and boots. the snow never stopped falling. festive lights were streamed across the street from building to building. the place was hopping. zeke and i werent really prepared for the weather. my boots were sopping wet. you could say we froze most of the day and night but that never stopped our celebrity hunt which was a huge buzz kill. i knew it'd happen to me. of all people, with just my luck i knew i wouldnt spot a single soul. that's what i get for being such a teeny-bopper. of course other people i knew saw them all : taylor swift, dre, kate bosworth to name a few. it's all good, i say to myself... this happens every year. my star struck time will come. aside from that downfall, zekey zoo and i had a really fun time. it was a great getaway from the provo life for just a short weekend but it was well worth it. i love fun weekends, they really are a great pick-me-up for the busy week ahead!

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Darren Alff said...

You didn't see any films while you were up here? Or see any of the musicians perform? Even without the Sundance credentials you could have gotten in to see some of the musicians during the day. Next weekend perhaps?!

this might tickle your fancy

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