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Monday, April 18, 2011

finals week in my painting classes are quite the trip. holy cow. i have never been this hung up on school. i love studying art though, and actually being able to do hands on projects with great results. rather than filling in circles on a scantron, i get to take something special home and hang it on my wall. the end of my painting class has been very fulfilling and rewarding, i must say. these 3 paintings are my final 3 of the class and have been my best work in the class so far, or at least the most fun to work on.

i typically focus on doing portraits, such as the paintings you've seen in previous posts: paint the YOUMAN way.
but with this painting class, we were dishing out a painting a week for a grade. im a slow and particular painter so a portrait takes me about 2-3 months... so i decided to take the more graphic design/decorative route in painting. lets just say, i experimented and im really proud of my results. 

1. for some odd reason, i have a thing for butterflies. it's weird i know. but in interior design, i always see shadow boxes of butterflies hung on a wall of pictures or a darling duvet cover with them fluttering all around. i recently bought an skirt from anthro with golden butterflies on it... i can't get enough. so i decided to do a study on butterflies and that i did. if you haven't noticed by now, this painting is of the butterfly icon on the left hand side of my blog. look familiar? the picture is a random google image i found and fell in love with the designs of the insects wings. enough said, i love butterflies.

2. does this look familiar? anthro rug remember way back when i decided to spend my summer in england embroidering a rug from anthro? remember when i thought it was possible to embroider fabric large enough to cover a canvas? remember when i only got this far and never finished? well... i decided to take on the same rug, but this time with oil paint rather than thread. and im very pleased to say the least.
Gloria's Garden Rug

3. this is nothing special but i've always wanted to do an abstract with really thick painterly brush strokes and the colors i used turned out to look like an abstract of the anthropologie rug.

all in all i have one more extra credit project that i am currently working on. i'll post within the next couple of days or so. other than that... onto the other million art projects that consume my life. to the students out there: happy studying
to the graduates: count your many blessings.


Jenna said...

Rach seriously these are amazing!!!! I want to hire you to paint a portrait!! Seriously. You are so talented. I want to learn how to paint!! Could we have a painting party? I will plan it!!

Rebecca Anderson said...

rach. they are turned out great. I love the butterflies...

Heidi Hansen said...

I need to commission you to do a painting for my apartment...I'm in love...

Jordan said...

beautiful. you are so talented. i'm obsessed with all of them!

nicole me oh my! said...

Ok, Robby always told me how amazing you are with a paintbrush, but to be able to see some work I am blown away! You are the bomb!

LOVE the butterfly paintings, I might have to try and make one like that for my house. And I paint from fabrics and textiles too! I loved your painting of the rug! You are amazing Rachel!

nicole me oh my! said...

I just looked at the butterfly painting again, and it is too good. I might just have to buy one from you! Where is your etsy shop selling your work?!

this might tickle your fancy

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