Saturday, July 10, 2010

so ive made some progress...
and its taking my life to even get somewhere with this guy.
i really have no idea when i could possibly finish this. i might have to shrink my 18X24 canvas.
the thought of sewing that much to cover that amount of space makes me cringe.
who knows, maybe ill buck up and do what i said i'd do.
either way, its coming along.
p.s. i plan on filling in those random areas. i just ran out of floss.


A & J said...

such a little crafty woman. it's lookingg good good good! you can make me one next. i'm sure it won't be a big deal for you at all.

Jake and Jenna said...

amazing. seriously.

Sha nay nay said...

So is this a skirt, quilt or just a wall hanging? I would love to see your inspiration. I'm really loving embroidery right now. And How in the world do you get your photos to look so amazing? Do you use any filters when getting them ready for posting?

Shannon (Long) Carey

this might tickle your fancy

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