the new donny & marie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

my good texan friend chad here has decided that him and i are gonna give a generous break for donny & marie osmond. even if they don't want the break, we're gonna give them the boot. or maybe we'll just co-host with regis and kelly. we have so many options we're really unsure which route we'd like to take. this thought came about after having a random jam session of boyz II men and maria carey. which is also fitting for our weekend of 90's.

friday night we jumped up and down for the 90's in a small clubhouse of the lanai. saturday night was followed by a personal invite from sugar ray to hear the band sing in zekey zoo's neighborhood, the riverwoods. not even kidding, the concert was free. not a big deal. so sunday, chad and i thought we'd take it easy and simmer down the weekend with an emotional jam, which afterwards we realized, we've both found our future careers.

video to come soon. hope you had a great weekend my friends. its been real.

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