j.crew skip to ma lu.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

j.crew skip to ma lu. its the time of year. to open your eyes and be on the hunt for the perfect little swimmy. though j.crew is my top pick for one pieces... they aint pleasin' me the right way. all of their two pieces are to die for have have the perfect color scheme but for me and my one-sies... we obviously stand alone. why is every one piece an earth tone color? i've been living with the bare side of the earth for the past 6 months now and im ready for some color in my life. patience is what it takes because im hopeful that j.crew's got somethin' up their sleeve.

p.s. dont you wish to be a j.crew model? i do... just to travel to such fine places.

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Emily said...

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this might tickle your fancy

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