happy easter my bunnies.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

this years easter turned into quite the adventure. i was on the go-go, go-go GO. i had to make an afternoon pit stop to the airport in salt lake to pick up my little niki girl so me, becca & chad decided to make a trip of it. we were blessed to see the mormon tabernacle choir give an easter concert in the old tabernacle for "music & the spoken word." sure do love that motab and the spirit they bring.

following the program we decided to explore temple square, visit some sister missionaries whom i'd hang with back in the day in provo, walk the ground of the conference centers roof, take a sunday drive to spot our favorite salt lake houses and explore the amazing architecture of the salt lake city capital building. i do say, they had their very own rendition of the grand staircase from the titanic. i do believe i played a little make-believe and saw mr. jack dawson wait for his lady by the clock. bah... how pathetic am i? really though, those were my thoughts exactly. teeny-bopper am i.

once nikki jetted back to the great salt lake we headed south to chads moms house where she fed us a delicious easter meal. we caught up on some zzzz's and went down memory lane with "you've got mail" flick and called it a wrap. i have always loved easter. i will say though, i sure did miss being at my home in georgia with the warm weather & humidity. i miss my moms lush backyard and her homemade lemonade, strawberry spinach salad and her key lime pies just to see my dad's face light up. it's okay though... i'll be heading on that midnight train to georgia come june. the countdown started 6 months ago. hope you all had a happy easter my little bunnies. may you remember the true meaning of this day. hope monday treats you well!


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Rebecca Anderson said...

this post is amazing. oh easter.

this might tickle your fancy

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