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Friday, August 13, 2010

truth be told, this blog is a bust.
seriously, i ain't fishing for comments but when you see the number
all the live long day you can't help but think to yourself
"eh, so am i just blogging to myself? am i the only one reading my own thoughts?"
lets be honest. blogs are for people with significant others and kin.
i obviously have neither. and im forced to believe that sadly, thats all that people care to hear about. so with that said, i debate wether to continue this useless blog. or maybe i should just go private and invite one reader.
and maybe i'll just start the blog up again, if i get a boyfriend, or a dog, or a cat, or maybe bring one of my african kiddies home from ghana, or maybe turn that boyfriend into a husband. so i dont know...
we'll see how im feeling in a couple of days about this blog guy.
yeah yeah yehaaa.


Anonymous said...

Google reader says you have 94 subscribers!

MarLeice said...

ok rachel i feel exactly the same way!! but i think people do actually read them... maybe... ha. but they just don't comment

Sarah Young said...

I like your blog Rachel. In fact everytime I read it I think to myself "Rachel is such a cool girl!" I like that you have a blog, for you, not because you have a boyfriend, or kiddies or critters or whatever. You are plenty interesting without all that. Maybe someone far less interesting or with a dull personality would need to rely on boyfriends, kiddies and critters to have a good blog. But you, not so much! ;)

Brian said...

I read it everyday...and I am not kidding!

danielle stolworthy said...

i read it.
i like it.
& i like you more without a boy because then i get to spoon with you.
so keep your blog single.

Jake and Jenna said...

i read, doesn't that count for SOMETHING?

Ash & JD said...

maybe I should make one of these posts...?

Rachel said...

ash pleaseeee you have at least ONE comment on every post. p.s. you've been really good at blogging lately.

LindsayNicole said...

Rachel!! I miss you Im so glad you have a blog! Hope life is Fantastic!

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

I am a bad sister. I actually read your blog every time you post on it. I check it everyday. However, I am lazy and check it from my google reader and I can't comment from that, so rarely do I go to the actual website and comment. Don't stop. I have thought the same thing about mine too don't worry. But I look at it as a journal and I want to make it into a book one day. You should do the same even though you think it doesn't matter because you aren't married or anything. It still matters! It's your life woman!

Lindsay said...

Hi, you don't know me but I recently found your blog (I think from a comment on Me OH My and I like it! Its funny because I noticed a picture on your blog of your family and I think its your sister, she has a blog J and J right? I would check it out every once in a while and its private now and that made me sad! because she always had really cool posts. You guys seem like really fun ladies! I love Grace Kelly too. :)

Rachel said...

Hi Lindsay! Thanks for your comment! Yeah that was me on Me Oh My Mama, im friends with Nicole's younger brother at school. And yes, that was my sister you spotted! J and J! No worries though, she has another blog for those who she couldn't fit on the list for her private blog. its practically the same thing. Here's the link. enjoy!!!


{Layla} said...

hello rachel dear (can i call you dear even though I don't know you?) I am friends with both of your very LOVELY sisters. I have to admit I look at your blog every now and then. Your sisters always brag about you (your art/dresses/etc. etc.) and they are absolutely right to brag--you are very talented lady! Anyway your blog is entertaining and I do read. I think a lot of people feel the same way you do--I absolutely do!--I never have comments either but that's A-OK. I don't have children or anything really cool going on in my life so I feel like my blog is pretty stupid. But I like to blog. so I do it. For ME! and that is just FINE. Happy blogging! =) By the way I told Katie today that your hair is amazing--I love the shine. She said you use a moroccan oil treatment??--I gotta get me some of that--pronto!

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