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Sunday, August 1, 2010

miss sari rae tied the knot to her very own "jake gyllenhaal" yesterday in mesa, arizona.

i can't begin to tell you how excited i am for dillon and sara. i just think they are the cutest lovebirds.
im really sad i missed out on their special day but thanks to good friends, photos will tie me over. don't they look good? really, they are killing me with their style. i just love these two.
happy wedding day kiddies.

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sara rae said...

i know this is way too delayed. google reader is the worst kind of because of that but i had to stop by on the real blog and finally post a comment and say you are the biggest babe. i wish you could have been there. we missed your pretty face and incredible style. haha not to mention your really great picture/video talking skills.

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