chester, england.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

finally. a post of chester, england. the new home to brian and donna robbins.
i feel very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to come out here and visit.
i've never been to england, so this has all been very exciting for me.
chester is a very small old roman city. the roman wall still stands and surrounds the city.
my mom and i loved walking it on occasion. the people in chester are SO friendly and think we have funny accents. i think the same about them.
i just really love it here. im happy my parents do too.

my parents flat is located right on the river dee. to get into town we just cross the extension bridge. parties are always taken place on the river dee. tour boats such as "the lady diana" and "mark twain" are always making their way down the river, and on occasions, at night, women will be on "the lady diana" dancing to ABBA. i can hear them from our window. it's quite entertaining.

there is a band always playing on that gazebo every sunday. and right behind the gazebo is an american bbq restaurant. it's good, its not totally american but it will do. although their root beer floats are a little skewed. the root beer is sour, they plop in one scoop of ice cream and then add ice cubes to the mix. yeah...

driving through wales.
city of chester.
chester is full of tudor buildings. i love these buildings. they are all shops and pubs most likely selling fish and chips with beer. many of the buildings are original, made of wood and most of them are literally slanting. i love how most of the buildings have flower boxes hanging from the glass windows.

so there you have it. the city of chester! its quite the cute little place.
quiet, small, easy to get around, friendly.
i love it.

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MarLeice said...

this makes me miss england

this might tickle your fancy

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