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Friday, August 20, 2010

one thing most of you (minus my family) don't know about me is that I love to do oil paintings.
(most of my paintings below from high school)

(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

I mostly did oil paintings in high school because I took art every semester of all four years of my high school career. so i was forced, and I was given an hour or two every day to do what i love to do. since i've been in college, i really don't find time to paint.
it's been a little annoying and i always fear that im going to loose the skills since i never find time to practice.
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

Luckily, I have a week of free time before school starts and I've been taking advantage of every hour. I move into my new apartment next week and I was lucky enough to get the lounge. Unfortunately, the lounge needs some work. It literally looks like a primary room in the church building. I don't have much furniture and I plan to paint the walls and spruce up the place to make it my own. I found a dresser at D.I. for $30.00 and took the baby home with me. It reeked like the 60's and I questioned wether I could really do much to it.
(high fashion models Dara & Gemma)

Well the painting has begun and I really think I'm on a roll. I decided to paint the dresser a really light creamy yellow. It's coming out a little lighter than I would have liked it to be, but I'll deal. The next step I plan to take is to sketch a floral/aztec-like design on the drawers in white. wish me luck, this is a stretch.
(actress Kate Hudson)

Another project I am currently working on right now, which ties in with my thirst for painting is ANOTHER PAINTING! yahoo!!! Now, in case you couldn't tell, I love to paint people. I love to get into detail with their hair, makeup, and clothing. Unfortunately, when I paint this subject matter it takes me a couple of months to do the whole she-bang.
(prisma color drawing : Lilly Pulitzer Ad)

So I have decided to do a more decorative painting to add a little to my new room. I took a design off of Rifle Co. (one of my favorite wedding save-the-dates) and covered a whole 18x24 canvas with the print. I've decided to choose my own colors to fill the design that will go along with the color scheme of my room. Weird enough, I got the color scheme from a Kate Spade Ad & a Hermes Perfume bottle. Random, I know.
Looking at this inspiration now, Im kind of wishing I painted the dresser a dark cream color. now I am kicking myself. whatever.
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

So that is that. And I'm really happy with how I have been spending my past week. I've been having so much fun being by myself. I never thought I could go this long without going insane. I wake up around 8:30 and get-a-workin. I feel like Im running my own business. this is a fun thing I've got going on.
(high fashion model : Gemma Ward)
(actress Kate Hudson)
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

Im back in my zone.
I'll keep you kids posted on my projects.

p.s. embroidery anthro rug/canvas is still hanging in there.
I plan to finish it by Christmas.
Seriously, that's my goal...


Nicole said...

um can we please paint together when I get back up there?! You are just great and I love you.

Ed and Amanda said...

whoa rachel i forgot how good you were and I haven't seen like half of those paintings! My favorite is the kate hudson one in the red dress, I love it so much!

Sarah Young said...

Holy crap Rachel! I had no idea you had such mad painting skillz! I wish we lived closer so you could teach my girlies art lessons!

Kaycie Q said...

wow rachel...those are way good! i did not know you painted. i could not do that if my life depended on it!

Rachel said...

wow, you are REALLY amazing!

this might tickle your fancy

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