sister jami pond.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tomorrow is a big huge day for a very special someone.
miss jami pond. the lady of provo, the dancer of ghana,
my love dove.
jami is leaving august 25th to serve an LDS mission in argentina for a year and a half and i couldn't be more pumped for her.
tonight was her "goodbye for now" party and half of happy valley was there.
i can't begin to tell you how many people adore jammers.
she is a people person.
very likable, charming, witty, adventurous, chill beautiful, friendly,
you name it, it will be on her list.
jami got to be apart of a really special time in my life.
her and i were joined at the hip and found ourselves in africa together.
we really bonded and got to actually know each other.
we cut the crap with the whole, acquaintance thing.
She became a really good friend of mine and was able to experience something that no one else could experience with me.
Jami was the best person to do that with too.
The kids in Ghana flat out adored her.
I knew they would because she is out of control, loads of fun
and probably one of the most creative dancers i have met.
On our trip jami mentioned about how she was wanting to serve a mission. I didn't question her one bit. I knew right away that she would be an awesome missionary. She has a heart that stretches out towards everyone and anyone. She is a very selfless person and she has such a love for the gospel. her example has inspired a lot of people. her outlook on life makes me rethink the way to think about life in general. to be more positive, more open to options, more accepting,
and more loving. i think the world of jami, and i can't wait for these other people on the other side of the world to fall in love with her too. she's contagious. everyone loves jami pond.
i can't wait to hear about her experiences, and about the people she will grow to love.
here's to you my love dove.
i'll keep you busy with sending you gold in the mail.
your ghanaian sister.

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