Becca Boo.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Born on November 2, 1989 this little feisty cheetah pounced into this world.
and on her birthday she shall shine.
10 reasons why becca boo brightens my day.

1. her laugh. it's a belly laugh and it really makes me smile.
2. her opinion. becca's opinion matters when it comes to the facts of life. she's a wise little critter.
3. her dance moves. she is such a peppy one when you turn on techno or the pop girl musica.
4. her flag routine. becca did flags in high school and let me tell you, it's quite the art.
5. becca was born to be a hostess. she puts together the best parties. maybe because she is the life of the party.
6. i love wasting time with becca while we dig deep for wedding ideas. she's the best when it comes to surfing the internet for our precious future.
7. becca's life lines: "don't mind me" "okay cool."
8. becca is such a great sister.
9. i love becca because she probably loves diet coke more than she loves me. and if that's really the case, then that's okay.
10. becca brightens my day because she is a good friend. and those don't come by so easily. she sticks around too. and those don't sit back and relax for long. did i mention becca is fun? holy cow is she fun. and witty. and she doesn't try too hard to impress people. she doesn't need to. and people recognize this. THANK YOU. she is real. and I just love her oh so much.
happy birthday becca boo.
i think the world of you.


Rebecca Anderson said...

rach!!!!! you are tooo kind! love you!!

SKV6 said...

1. where did you find that "feel good time" photo on the left side of your page?

2. how do you turn your photos in to polaroid photos? do you use a certain program?

i love reading your blog! you are too fun! :)


Rachel Anne Robbins said...

it's a website called it's a photo editing site for free. you should try it out. it's fun!

this might tickle your fancy

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