Yeah- You Spray That.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know, I know... before you freak out let me explain. it's a spray on tan. I know. I can see, and I definitely can smell it. but i ain't going to smell that cancer. word on the street is, you're safer in the sun then you are in the tanning beds. word on the street is, it's safer to smoke than take a cat nap in that bed of yours. and let's state the facts, Lung Cancer is the second leading killer in the united states so if you're safer smoking then then you've got to get your head on straight.

And i am not one to preach without an experience. BELIEVE ME: I've had THE tanning bed experience. it took place in the month of february before my friends ash and casey's wedding. I decided to go in and grab that glow.
instead, I got fully inflamed injected blistered lips. the blister went straight up into my nostrils. i couldn't talk. i couldn't smile. it burned baby it burned.
not only did my lips expand but a hickey-like mark appeared smack in the center of my neck (awesome) as well as all of my knuckles and elbows.
yeah. i was feeling hot.
people glared at me as if i didn't know what was hanging out on my face.
i think i was fully aware.
right when i jetted back to provo ash told my friends to keep it cool because i was a little self conscious. pah ha.
I headed over to my dermatologist dr. stone and got yelled at.
with my hands between my legs and my head hanging low i was told to never go back to that devilish bed.
my "condition" was unnamed. dr. stone was pretty intrigued.
took pictures.
did research.
had my blood tested.
nothing. zip. nada.
strange, i know. so lesson learned. i haven't been to the bed since.
so i tried this spray on some woman was raving about. i was nervous.
all i could think about was that hysterical episode of friends where ross got the spray on. except it didn't go so well... i remember loosing it when i watched that and how bad i felt for him.

then it hit me. that's going to be me.
i feared that machine.
and i came out looking like that. you best believe i was panicking. hours later, I showered and all was golden... it worked! the extra color rubbed off, i was left with no blistered lip, no skin cancer, and a GLOW.
so word to the wise: it's winter time. if you feel sick and pasty just suck it up and get sprayed. better safe than sorry...

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SKV6 said...

you're spray on tan photo is hilarious! too cute!.....LOVE that episode of FRIENDS!

this might tickle your fancy

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