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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My mama just mailed me an article out of the church newspaper that made me tear up a bit when i read it.
my mom always sends me news clips if they have anything to do with africa. i love that. it shows that she cares about how much i care about africa.
So here's the good news.
"Dedication Blesses Two African Nations"
"During a historic 16-day tour of Africa on August 16-31, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve dedicated Cameroon and Rwanda for the preaching of the gospel. In so doing, he became the first known apostle to ever set foot in either nation."

From President Holland:
"I want the Saints to know that Africa is one of the bright, beautiful emerging frontiers of the Church. It sounds ominous sometimes just to hear the word 'Africa' because we think of dangers. Like any other place there can be dangers, but for the Church and the members it is one highlight after another, one bright spot after another."

"These people are so given to faith. I've often thought that perhaps the Lord in His justice, mercy and outreach made up for what they don't have in material blessings by giving them an extra measure of spiritual blessing and insight."

Elder Holland referred to some literary references of Africa being "the dark continent." He said he doesn't agree with that description. What is his description of Africa?
"With the gospel of Jesus Christ it's a beautiful bright light to the world."

Thank you Elder Holland. I couldn't agree more.
Africa truly is a special place. One of a kind for sure. The continent is filled with faithful members, even nonmembers who live day by day because of their Savior. Their gratitude for what they have, when they have so little is amazing. What examples they are. What powerful testimonies they hold.
This nation is beyond powerful, it's moving. I think we can all learn something from them.
I love you Africa.

and a special thanks to the elders, for continually bringing them in.


Brady and Brittany Fish said...

love it Rach!

Anonymous said...

Rachel! I haven't been to your blog in so long, and this post made me so happy. I love that you finally got to go to Africa! Looks like you had a lot of fun and those kids love you a lot. Come over to my mom's soon, I haven't seen you forever.

Nielsens said...

Thanks so much for this post. LOVE IT. once the gospel reaches everywhere in africa it will be AMAZING. the people definitely deserve it and all the blessings that will come to them.

Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

You dont know me but I loved this post! My little brother is serving in Africa on his mission and I love hearing things about it! Elder Hollads remarks were awesome!

Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

Opps I forgot to say he is serving in Ghana Accra mission and he is currently in Tema.

Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

No my brother just left. He has been there now a month and out in the field for about a week and half. His last name is Batchelor. He grew up in Mesa and went to Mountain View High School. This is his blog I made for him. akwaabatoghanaaccra.blogspot.com.

this might tickle your fancy

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