spring time in los angeles.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring in Los Angeles has been feeling more like Summer. With temperatures in the high 80's almost hitting 90, its been quite a treat. Luckily, I was able to get off early from work on Friday and I had the whole weekend to enjoy and to finally relax.

Work has been tiring and trying the past couple of months. Lots of new changes have been made with our management and the pace and atmosphere of the working environment haven't been as fun and relaxed. It's been something that I am still adjusting too and every morning I need to wake up and start my day with a  positive pep-talk. My shifts start earlier and earlier day by day. Most mornings I have to be to work at 5 am and waking up at 4 am in the morning is brutal, absolutely brutal. I'm back to my old high school self with managing to take a coma nap every day because I am so wiped out. Waking up at 7 am is now considered sleeping in.

With that said, I was in dire need of a very relaxed weekend and I was granted just that. Zeke and I kept saying over and over again how we felt like we were on vacation. The weather was perfect, the summer hustle and bustle was out and about, we spent 3 days in a row soaking up the sun at the beaches in Malibu, drove up and down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down and having the ocean in view with the most incredible sunsets while taking in the scents of Los Angeles' Jasmine perfume. Zeke surfed most mornings while I read and took notes on the places to eat and explore in Europe which is coming up in about 6 more weeks.

We cooked at home, and ate out for dinner fulfilling our crave of shrimp cocktail and ice cream and we slept in knowing we had no important agenda to wake up to. Sunday we were blocked in and unable to make it to church due to the Los Angeles Marathon, whose finish line was literally right in front of our apartment. So we rolled out of bed and decided to be a part of this exciting achievement for all of these athletics, two of which are our good family friends Scott & Casey. Scott is trying to qualify for the Olympics so it was fun to stand on the curb of Ocean Avenue as all the runners pushed themselves to the finish line.  It was really exciting to see Scott & Casey run, not to mention all of the other athletes in the marathon. I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time cheering each runner. I had to clap and shout for every single one that walked by - I was completely floored with the momentum and energy and strength each one held and I found myself sort of getting emotional. When you witness the relief and pure joy on their faces when they see how close they are to the finish line, and knowing how much pain their bodies are in, it makes you want to just pick them up and carry them to the finish line. It was such a fun experience to be a part of. All of Santa Monica was in all sorts of celebration.

The whole weekend was such a blast and now I am back to the grind at work. Im just inching closer and closer to Europe. It's all I can ever think about and I am torturing myself as I count down the weeks. Everyone keeps saying how March is just flying by; well, I beg to differ.

Zeke's out of town right now in Vegas for a boys trip/golf tournament and so I am entertaining myself with countless Audrey Hepburn films like, "Roman Holiday" & "Paris When It Sizzles." Getting myself in the European mood! Let the countdown begin!

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