palisades park :: santa monica, california :: november 2014

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Luckily, Zeke never reads this blog, but this last photo makes me laugh a little bit. It doesn't look like him at all and the casting of shadows makes it look like he's wearing pants straight out of Aladdin with some slippers & "tassles." I can't stop laughing. The top photo is my absolute favorite though. That will be a photo that I will love to show my children and have hope that it will be passed down for generations and generations to come ; like the photos I have of my great grandparents and their ancestors. 

My friend Sara was so kind to take our family photos in one of my most favorite places in Santa Monica, 'Palisades Park.' This park is basically our backyard, since we don't have one being in an apartment, but its right behind our street and is truly beautiful. It's filled with large succulents, palm trees & this plant that looks like Dr. Suess designed it for one of his storybooks. See it above in our Aladdin photo? I love that plant - its so abstract to me and so creative in design. I always think to myself how Heavenly Father is the artist of all artists and how His creativity is beyond anything we can even imagine. What a beautiful world he has created and has given to us. 

Palisades Park is a park on a cliff that runs along the famous 'Ocean Avenue' overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean. It's beautiful and Zeke and I love to spot it on tv in commercials and tv shows. There is always a film crew on site. I love to walk to the park and read a book or have a picnic under the palm trees or by the rose garden. The park has a dirt path filled with runners, so so so many runners. I have never seen so much outdoor activity in one place at a time- and this is the place. Dogs are everywhere too which makes it even more fun. The tail end of the park that we live across from is more quiet and charming as it's further away from the tourist end which takes you to the Santa Monica Pier. This is the best place to go for sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. What a treasure to have this. 

I had asked Sara if she could take our family pictures for a Christmas card that we never ended up sending out. I did the math and figured out that it was going to cost me an arm and a leg and it's only Zeke and I. If we had kids, it would be different. So I feel bad that we dragged Sara along to do this, but she has captured some of my favorite moments in a place where we live and will have so many stories to tell our kids. So thanks Sara for capturing one of my favorites spots with the one I love. And it was the most perfect night in November. 

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