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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

(disregard zeke's dirty feet. whoops!)

I'm playing catchup with my blog and I'm starting clear back to October of 2014 and Halloween. First off, I went private with this blog yesterday. It felt good to go private. Truthfully, this blog has become my 'dear diary' if you will, but not to the point where it's too personal that I can't share it with my close friends and family who aren't near by anymore.  

I'm an old soul in the sense that I have an on-going battle with technology. There are so many perks to it but at the same time, I'm the one buying the book to hold in my hands as I read and then preserving it on the bookshelf once I'm finished, rather than deleting it off my Knook, or printing out my photos and putting them into photo albums or photo boxes and labeling who is in the photo, the date & location so I can physically hold and touch and go through these memories with my future children and their children. Or keeping somewhat of a journal where I can jot down my thoughts and memories and have it recorded in my actual handwriting rather than something typed up and printed from a computer. 

Although I will say, as one who is a perfectionist, I am all about detail and writing in my journal takes me a couple of hours to cram all my thoughts in there because I HAVE to get it all in there. I go crazy if I don't. Sometimes my mind races faster than my hand can write and I've noticed that my blog entries are loaded with a lot more detail and I have more information and memories jotted down and I know it's because I can almost type as fast as I can think. So... I'm back on this thing and I am also private because truthfully, I don't need to have people I don't know read about my personal business, my life at home, how I decorate my home, what we did for the holidays, the vacations we took, and so on so forth. I'm not out to gain fame, which has become the craze these days (and not that that is wrong, it's just not the road I'd like to take) and I don't feel the need to impress those I don't know with my so-called "lifestyle." I just want to focus on myself, and I want to jot it all down for history's sake and to keep in touch with those who matter most in my life. 

I plan on going private, slowly but surely with most social media outlets in my life sooner or later and I thought it would be best to start with the blog. Life is too short to spend your time caring about who liked what photo of yours, or who commented on what or who followed you today, or who unfollowed you yesterday and then compare your statistics to the girl next door. I admit, I've caught myself getting caught up into that whole crap and I didn't love the person I was becoming or the dumb thoughts that were beginning to consume my mind. 

I want to keep things safe and healthy. To live in the world but not be of the world. To live like I'm off the grid, but still stay connected. Basically, just not revolve my every day life around social media. I love to post, don't get me wrong - and I still will but I do try to be as genuine by posting my memories and photos with friends and family and photos of traveling, food & things that I am most passionate about - and that's okay too. I don't know where I am going with this but... I guess I'm just going to keep it more simple. 

Especially once kids roll in - everything is going private. And I do have some ideas up my sleeve concerning my artwork that would take place of the non-private areas of social media. 

But for now, here are just some photos of October of 2014 and Halloween. 

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