sixteen at heart.

Monday, June 10, 2013

There is nothing I love more then spending time with my Aunt's kids. They allow me to become that inner child that I am. Secretly, I love nothing more than playing outside, running through sprinklers, and just being young at heart.

My Aunt and her husband went to California for about five days and the Zoo and I stayed with the kids and we had the times of our lives. Nights were spent eating snacks, watching movies, telling ghost stories, night jumping on the trampoline. Afternoons were spent swimming, running through sprinklers, racing in the backyard, creating our own sidewalk chalk, eating snow cones. And mornings were spent sleeping in, chatting in the kitchen and singing on the bar stools.

There is a sense of freedom you feel when you're with kids and young teenagers. I know I am technically still young, but they just make me feel like a child again with a wild sense of adventure and a reason to be naive and silly. We had such a good time and I enjoy these moments with my family. I cherish them. So happy to have spent my start of the summer with my cousins whom I adore and love to the moon and back!

Cheers to childhood, summer and aimless amounts of fun.

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