saturday morning at the farmers market in marietta square!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yesterday morning was a day well spent at the farmers market in my hometown Marietta. Every Saturday and Sunday mornings to the early afternoons all of our local farmers come out to the square and sell their freshest flowers, sprigs of Georgia grown cotton, fruits and vegetables, homemade strawberry coconut popsicles, jumbo shrimp from the coast of Georgia, homemade cajun remoulade and more! Everyone and their grandma is out in their summer sundresses and it's like a zoo of dogs! All kinds of dogs from greyhounds to golden doodles just prancing around while strangers mingle and laugh away.

I was really excited when my mom and I spotted the Georgia grown cotton. This woman brought in the most beautiful cotton ball-like sprigs and they were selling out fast, fast, fast, fast, FAST. So we dashed and bought ourselves a sprig. I had to. How I'll ever take that home on the plane with me, heaven knows, but I will make it happen. There is nothing more southern to me than a sprig of Georgia grown cotton and I also bend over backwards for quaint pieces of home to bring back to Utah with me. I want to buy a acrylic display box large enough to place my sprig of cotton in so it's protected and displayed for all the world to see. I want it to be a symbol of home.

It was the perfect day. For being the last Saturday being home, I was in high spirits. I love the historic homes of Marietta. For Christmas, my parents gave my sisters and I a beautiful table book of the historic homes of Marietta, for Marietta is know as the "Gem City of the South." All I can say is, amen to that. Tomorrow I board the plane back to Utah. I'm throwing a personal pitty party but all is well, because I know that you can have roots, and you can have wings too.

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Autumn said...

I am loving these photos! We've lived in Marietta about a year and we've yet to go to the farmer's market...Devin and I should probably change that :)

this might tickle your fancy

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