honeymoon lovebirds circa 1981.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I know what you're thinking, a load of photos, but photos from film and photos from the Caribbean in 1981 of my parents honeymoon! A couple of weeks ago was my parents 32nd wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we dug up their honeymoon photos only to find that they were in the form of SLIDES. Talk about a major buzz kill... that is until we found the slide projector!

Unfortunately, as cool as the slide projector was, we realized the bulb was burnt out and ancient, and to find a new one we'd have to dig real deep all over the internet, so we quit our crying and bucked up and took the slides to Costco and waited a couple of weeks for them to develop.

The wait was worth it! Are these photographs amazing or what? I love the scenery that my parents captured, and I love these shots of them when they were just babes deep in love and all mushy gooshy. These photos just make me so happy. It's crazy to think that I am currently the age that they are in these photos. They look the exact same to me, with slight different hairstyles and wardrobe.

Good gosh am I ever so giddy over these photos! I can't get over how beautiful they are. As an artist, you know I'm always viewing things in an artistic way, shoot me. But for real, esthetically, these are over the top pleasing! You know how I gush over my favorite photographer from the 50's -70's, Slim Aarons? Well, I must admit, some of these photos remind me of some of his work!

I cannot wait to print these out and frame them for all of the world to see. These are new keepsakes of mine and I love having photos of my parents when they were alone and in love. Photos are so important to me. I know I can be a bit over the top and take a few too many in not so important events or occasions but every moment matters to me. My brain can only remember so much that I have to capture the moment and keep it still, forever. I know sometimes I can drive the Zoo insane with the camera, and I don't blame him, but when I dig up treasures like these and see the fun times my parents had together when they were kids, I am really grateful to have these photos for myself.  Thank goodness for these! I just hope the same goes for my future kids that they'll want to share and look at photos of Zeke and I - see how we've had our fun, our adventures, how we've aged. Photos are precious and one of the most valuable things we keep throughout our lives.

Happy 32nd Anniversary to my parents, who've shown me how to love and love the right way. To forget your head, and listen to you heart. To love with humility. I'm so thankful you've chosen each other and have fallen in love. 1981 is a special year, one for the records. I'm thinking we take your 50th anniversary back to the islands of the Caribbean, what-a ya say? I love you two so much. I couldn't think of a more perfect pair.

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Mickelle McCrory said...

totally awesome pics!

this might tickle your fancy

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