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Monday, June 24, 2013

It's true, my girl Marissa Hicken has now exchanged her last name for Benson and she lives with a boy.  We are all fist pumping in the air.

 I'm a few weeks behind if you can't tell. I've been flying all over the place and I am just now managing to jot down the past couple of weeks. Im currently home in Georgia for another week hanging with my parents and visiting my sisters and their families. We just got back from our annual family vacation yesterday marking our 18th year stepping foot on our second home - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The poor Zoo had to fly back to Utah tonight and has to move all our crap outta of the bungalow and into our new townhouse, which I have yet to give it a name. I'm feeling pretty guilty that I am not there to help.

Any hoo. Back to the Bensons. Marissa & Dan tied the knot Friday, June 7 and boy was it a special day and one that goes down into the books of partying. This wedding turned out to be a girls trip with my best friends, as all of our husbands and fiance's couldn't make it to the wedding. Oh, and our favorite, Chadwick, came along which was a bonus!  So we took advantage since we all no longer live in the same state anymore and it was more fun than I could ever imagine. I miss my girls. They are some of my favorite people on the planet.

Marissa looked stunning and Dan was just flat out love struck. The ceremony was touching, the reception was perfect with it's little touches of Marissa and the dancing was freaking off the chain! Don't get me wrong, I danced at my wedding... but I didn't get as down as I normally do seeing as how I had a whoppin' wedding dress on. But this night, it was nothing but a yellow wool pencil skirt, bare feet and not a care in the world. Beads of sweat were dripping, music was roaring, it was the Great freaking Gatsby I tell ya!

Us girls were so worn out that night, but I couldn't manage to go to bed too early as of course I had to top the night off with telling the slumber party some ghost stories which led to 4 am before we knew it. I felt like I was in collage again (well technically, and sadly, I still am) but you know, living the collage life. It's a life that I am okay without right now, but at times a little dosage of it here and there really keeps you feeling young. I just adore my girlfriends. We could not be happier for Dan and Marissa. It was a special weekend. I can't wait to greet the Bensen's as my neighbors when I get back to Utah. It's about freaking time they are married! Congrats to the two California dream boats! We love you!

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