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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So many exciting things are about to happen! Im getting married a week from Saturday, which in so many ways is blowing my mind! Where on earth does that time go? IT FLEW. But we are ready and prepared! We got our engagements back by photographer Leo Patrone, who we are so pleased with. The photos turned out great and I can't wait to share them. Family is coming BACK into town! Yahoo! My parents and my sister came last week due to some family functions and the birth of my sweet little baby niece, Evelyn Jo. Sadly, the one sis had to head back to Portland, while my parents jetted back to Georgia. But how can I complain when they are coming again next week??

School has begun, which was really bad timing on my part. With planning a wedding, now is NOT the time to begin the art projects. But with the support and understanding of my teachers, it's A-OKAY to miss a full entire week of school to party in the Caribbean in the islands of the Grand Cayman with the zoo! Yahoo! Even more exciting news, more so for myself... zeke took a closer look at our itinerary back to Utah and we fly out from the Caribbean to Miami, Florida saturday night and land at 6 pm. We don't get on our next plan till Sunday morning! Do you know what this means? A NIGHT IN MIAMI! I LOVE miami. No, i'd never live there, but to visit and walk about the streets and explore, i drool! So, I have two lists i always add to. 1.) Places I'd like to travel to in the world 2.) Resorts & Hotels I'd like to visit/stay in the world. I have a fetish for architecture and interior design. This fetish has helped with all of my Art History classes over the years. My mind has been more open and aware of the details of buildings and interiors.  With this said, on my list of resorts and hotels to visit in my life is Miami's famous south beach hotel, "The Raleigh Hotel." The hotel is known for being effortlessly chic and impossibly seductive. I die over the old hollywood regency style they have as the theme for the whole hotel. Thats why I love this area of Florida. Parts of Miami and definitely  Palm Beach, live for that era of style. it draws me in deep.  OOOWWEE. So guess what? During our nightly stay in miami, we will finally visit this wonder! Sadly, we won't stay there because Im not going to rob zeke out of his cash, but the hotel does a deal where they will allow "visitors" to swim the pools, use their beaches and eat at the restaurants and of course explore the hotel! Just one more thing to be excited about! So many fun things ahead! WEEEE!

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