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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I feel very lucky to be able to fly home to the Empire State of the South, Georgia. I normally get to visit home once every summer, but with the exciting wedding events to come, I have been able to come home more than once for planning and such. I do believe I fall in love more and more with Georgia every time I come home. It's an illness I have, with how love struck I am for where I am from. I'd like to say that I just feel overly blessed to have been raised in a beautiful place with historical landmarks, friendly people, fried food and a history that I love to learn more and more about. If you've ever seen the famous movie, "Gone With the Wind" I can admit that I, in someways remind myself of Scarlett O'Hara. I can't decide wether that is good or bad. The famous ending scene of the film I catch myself thinking, "yeah, I'd do and think the same." She is just so obsessed with Tara and the South that she can't leave it. I have an issue, a stubborn issue where I see myself living in one place and one place only, and that's the south. And if someone suggests or throws out the idea of moving away from Georgia and going elsewhere, I have a mental breakdown. It's embarrassing and really horrible. It's a bad case of the Scarlett O'Hara. At some point in time, I know I will have to get over this because not all the stars align as you wish. But before I get over it, I'll continue to drool over my home and bask in the glory of its beauty while I've still got it. These photos are taken in my home town. The photo above is my favorite plantation home that is a part of the trinity, which consists of three historic plantations. Out of the three, this is my absolute favorite, "The Barrington Hall Plantation." My favorite time to visit is during the summer when all of the trees are green and the sun creates the shadows on the kelly green shutters. Im a sucker for architecture, which is why I love the plantation homes, but the big columns get me every time. I just love them. My favorite part of this plantation is the beautiful side gardens.

The gardens are so lush and deep with greenery & flowers. I always wish I could have lived during this time on a plantation and had my side garden to tend to. A place to escape to, read a book, think, have a garden party, a tea party you name it.

For my wedding, unfortunately I won't be having it in Georgia. The dream of a plantation wedding is out of the question. I can't complain though, because it was my decision but I decided I would rather have all of  my family and friends be able to attend in a common state we are all near, Utah, rather than having everyone fork over a leg and a arm to fly to Georgia. But Im pulling strings here to try and make my wedding reception as Southern as can be. I'm bringing in a lot of southern florals thanks to my florist from all parts of the south that remind me of all my memories growing up. We'll be having a lush garland across the vineyard tables of an assortment of green leaves, to give the look of kudzu that reminds me of my home. I know most Georgians hiss at the thought of kudzu, which takes over everything and creates a canopy of vines, but I have always loved it. To me, it has made Georgia have a bit of an exotic touch to it. Within the garland, on the chairs and for the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquet I am having garden & spray roses. They remind me of the southern gardens, not to mention the rose garden bushes seen in the picture above in the plantations gardens. Finally I'll have a garland hung as decoration made out of palmetto palm leaves which resemble South Carolina's state tree, The Palmetto tree. This reminds me of my summers spent on my favorite island, Hilton Head Island. I've spent every summer there since I was a tike. It's a very special place to me. There has been talk of throwing some Spanish Moss in the trees at the venue to represent one of my other favorite cities, Savannah, Georgia. This isn't confirmed if I'll use it or not, but can you imagine the vibe it'll give? Holy Canoly, I can't even handle it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this all comes together. Im hoping to make this wedding of mine feel as close to home as possible.

Im hoping on my 10th anniversary, or maybe my 1st (that's for sure wishful thinking) to have a whopping celebration with close friends and family on the lawn of my favorite plantation home in New Orleans. Now that would be a dream. But one day, one day, I'll celebrate my love in a place that I love and that would be the day. But for now, I am just as happy. I can't complain because despite the location, I'll be with my family and my dearest friends.

Like I said, sometimes my love for the south reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara's, and Zekey Zoo could resemble Rhett Butler in the sense that if he had it his way, which he probably will, he'd move to California and have no buts about it. And we'd just be reenacting the whole famous closing scene all over again with me whimpering, "Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?" He answers, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" and walks away into the fog. And there I sit, on my plantation steps weeping in despair.

How pathetically dramatic is that? I think both Zeke and I could agree that that is exactly how it would play out. In due time, I'll grow up, this I know. But for now... I'll obsess over my "Tara" while I've still got it.

yep. just like that. 

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