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Monday, August 27, 2012

I swear, this is my last post of my one true love... until I go back for a quick weekend in October. But these are more photos of some of my favorite homes in my hometown. im sorry, such an overload, but aside from wedding planning, every visit i took to georgia was the highlight of my summer. it's the perfect getaway to arrive at my parents home i grew up in and sit on our back porch during an afternoon thunderstorm while eating homemade gumbo. really its just my place of peace. i finally got to fall asleep to a thunderstorm with my shutters open and thunder shaking the house. i slept like a baby. im bummed we never got a southern storm when zekey zoo was in town. he was really looking forward to one and i amped it up so much that of course it never hit. we did get a great heat lightening storm during the proposal. now that, i can't complain about.

i love spending time with my parents. i think they are a blast to be with and i genuinely enjoy their company. i feel like the three of us kind of have our traditions when i come home. hit up our soul food spots, walk around in the markets, stroll through galleries and my favorite is when my mom fixes up her homemade popcorn and we'd pop in a classic movie, whether it be alfred hitchcock or the classics like gone with the wind and casablanca. my favorite is when we get hooked to the twilight zones.

my mom and her best friends threw me a MAMA MIA bridal shower. it was a riot. i've been waiting for this day forever. they've been talking about this performance since i was in high school. my mom and her friends are highly known for putting on these bridal showers for friends in the area. instead of a shower, its turned more into a wild performance. the entertainment never stops. lets just say the night ended with all of these women jumping into a pool with their clothes on. i was floored. it was a night to remember thats for sure. i had the time of my life. im so grateful for my mom and her awesomeness. i really think she's the coolest woman i know. my dad too is the worlds greatest man. im just really grateful to have them in my life. i love them both so much and im so excited to see them again in two weeks for the wedding and again in october. they really are my favorite people who luckily live in my favorite place in the US of A.

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Adventures in Kamalot said...

I love this post - I stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad I did! Even though I don't know that GA is my FAVORITE place - I am absolutely homesick for it! I wish we never moved! Seeing your pics made me yearn for Marietta. Anyway, my madre had a blast with your shower! I'm glad they all know how to put on such an event! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

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