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Monday, February 13, 2012

ready, set, jump into the deep blue sea of the mexican riviera please. don't mind if i do. it's a done deal. three of my gal pals and I are making way for a trip down the riviera on a boat come may. my mind could not be set on anything else. i am in need of a tropical getaway with some bronzing sun rays, summer sun dresses and great company. i've already been planning on what to pack my bags with. a little tickled too to gain another travel stamp in that passport of mine. never have i ever been to mexico, so with wandering eyes i'll be snapping photos left and right, hoping to capture some great architecture and candids of my friends and i. really, i can hardly stand myself right now. i am so ready to set sail.

a little sweet to hold me over, valentines day : i have been looking forward to tomorrow for a week now. im surprising zekey zoo with a perfect little night. yes, I AM PLANNING IT. call me the greatest girlfriend in the world. i've gone a little loco with decor and crafts and i must say, im having the best of times preparing it all for my dream boat. and yes, finally, i plan on taking some photos of my life, that does exist. i still know where my camera is i haven't completely ignored it yet. it's just that, this time of year isn't too kind to the appearance of one such as myself. and i'd rather not be photographed, but i'll buck up for tomorrow.

happy early valentines and please, lets all keep our fingers crossed that this week shall fly by! this semester of art school is a little depressing...

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