happy valentines day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

image from mrs. lilien

happy valentines day readers! whether you have a valentine or not, spend the day expressing your love you have for those who are dear to you! sometimes i wish i was still in elementary school because i always had a field day handing out my valentines to every student in the class. but the older i get, the more excited the holiday can become. i work the mail system sending out valentine postcards,  i can create a production with an assortment of holiday decor, and cook up a storm of x's and o's in the kitchen (even though im cheating this year and having take-out. whoops). either way, however you celebrate this day, i hope you do so with a cheerful heart. for now, i'll be slabbing oil on a canvas before i treat the zekey zoo to a fun filled night! happy valentines day to all of you!

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