the king & kelly.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

if most of you dont know by now, i absolutely adore grace kelly. i go bonkers over anything under the sun of the princess of monaco. i'd love to sit down, chat and have a bite of cake with her if i could. my new secret pleasure is a show on the cw called, "hart of dixie." my kind of show, based out of the deep south, alabama, in a small town called dixie, where southern belles take over and a new yorker has to find her way of life through the southern commotion. the leader of the belles is played by, jamie king who i now just adore. her character in the show is lemon, breland... LEMON: how much more southern can you get? And her getup in the show is nothing less than perfect. she is the reason im glued to this sitcom. i couldn't help but think, she is so grace kelly. everything about her from her hair, to complexion to her style, minus her attitude... jamie king is todays grace kelly and its so fun to sit and compare the two because my mind is blown. i now look to king as a modern fashion influence of the late grace kelly. these two i just can't get enough of. if you find the time, sit down and take a breather, drink some sweet lemonade and tune into to the 'hart of dixie.'

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