leo-mania: the rush of the great gatsby

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

earth to all readers. do you know what year we are heading into? ANOTHER LEO-MANIA YEAR. what's a leo-mania year you might ask? let me explain. as a child, i was very blessed to live through a time that was larger than life. larger than the fever of a  bieber (who im not too crazy about, sorry.) im talking about a mania that fled the world with raw young talent. bone chilling talent and blond locks that make you buckle in the knees. im talking about the one and only, my "boyfriend" of 14 years, MR. LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

you don't even understand. titanic was my life. leo was my leading man. i was beyond obsessed. i got in fights with my girlfriends over who owned more magazine clippings of leo. they were vicious fights, but ones that i fought very hard for and always won. i had books and books of leo and his childhood. my childhood crush, clay m. even resembled the face of my leo. i studied the titanic, waited while the t.v. guide would scroll on my television screen for the history channel to present "the history of the R.M.S. Titanic." I would cry while watching VH1's Pop-up Video when Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" music video played. I knew the facts of the ship, the crew, the dates, the passengers. I knew the ways of making the movie, the behind the scenes. I knew it all. I breathed it. I even made my parents take me TWICE to the Titanic Exhibition Museum to see all of the artifacts. Please continue to judge me when I say, I took the magazine challenges of being a "true" titanic lover and jumped in a ice cold shower for 20 minutes to see what it was like to be hanging in the ocean as the ship went down... yeah you guys this was a serious illness i had. it was bad, real bad, like michael jackson bad. and i never looked back.

sadly, i wasn't allowed to be a part of the excitement in the theater when titanic was out due to rose' boob alerts... so my mom did everything she could to calm me down. she bought me old school titanic movies that never seemed to do the trick. we tried to find edited versions once the movie was out on VHS and finally she caved and I was able to eat up titanic in all it's glory. I now own the special collectors edition of DVD and i handle it with care.

a couple of years back I was able to go to a celine dion concert in salt lake city with a couple of friends and my two sisters. celine was another obsession to me, such a powerhouse she is. i was so antsy the whole show though, i was just waiting and waiting for that one song to give me the chills and bring me back to my childhood. but after the show was over and she said goodnight... there was no titanic performance to be heard of. i was livid. i wanted to scream. and then all of a sudden... the lights dimmed and i realized, celine hasn't even begun her anchor yet, how could i forget!? all of a sudden, in the midst of nowhere, jack dawsons face appears on the screen and candlelit chandeliers lower as the flutes of "my heart will go on" began to echo... and there they were, my tears, rolling down my face. and there she was, celine... in a white gown, just as in her music video, flowing in the wind and i was bawling. as andie anderson, "how to girl" says, "she reaches up, and she brings it back down. it's like the most powerful thing i've ever seen." and it was, it really was.

now that i have completely freaked you out of my weird childhood teeny-bop obsession that still seriously lives on today, i want to share some good news with you. im sure you have all already heard it but let me tell you something now. TITANIC is coming back, in theaters on April 6th to relive the magic of the ship of dreams, in 3D. the date of released is the date that the R.M.S. Titanic set sail and the year of 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship. now i can experience what i was never able to as a kid, to see this remarkable historical film in theater and relive the moments. i saw the trailer this past weekend in the theater and cried. it's so pathetic you guys. so pathetic. i really hope you're just as excited for this as i am. if not, please, do judge me because i too admit that i am so over the top but what can i say? im a passionate kind of gal.

with that said, i do believe my boyfriend, leo is going to relive his leo-mania in the year 2012 kicking it off with the movie that made up his road of stardom, titanic, and onto what i think is going to be the movie of the year, "THE GREAT GATSBY." holy moly me oh my I cannot wait for this. I have a feeling my second obsession is going to bloom anytime now with this flick. Im already stalking what there is on the internet of this brilliant remake. can i add that i am so excited they made my man leo's locks blonde again like jack dawsons? goo-goo gah gah. i am a sucker for the 1920's. if i had a time machine, i would take it back to the 20's. I love the style of this decade, i love the music and the dancing. life was a party during the roaring twenties and i wish i could have lived then to tell all. im gonna have to get into "the great gatsby" mode and begin the book and just dive into the hype of it all. not to mention leo has another movie coming out that is taken place in the old south (my kind of style, not to mention my very own home sweet home) with plantations galore. i have a feeling it might be a little intense of a movie but i know leo's gonna win all them oscars and im backing him up because he really is a man of talent. like i said, 2012 it's not the end of the world, it's round two for leo-mania. SHIZAM.


KaycieQ said...

though your obsession with leo may beat mine (ok, it does), i DO feel your obsession for The Great Gatsby! Once we read that in American Lit in 9th grade I was HOOKED! I read it over and over again! I am beyond excited!!

Courtney Schramm said...

haha loved this post. obsessed with great gatsby.

this might tickle your fancy

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