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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

okay, now it feels like christmas thanks to park citys manmade snow. yes, i said it, manmade. utah hasnt really hit the dead winter yet. it's kind of crazy. kind of nice, but it will kick us in the butt when we realize its still freezing in the month of may. late winter, i say. so my roommates and i + one boyfriend, not mine (zekey zoo had to get a root canal. rut-row) threw on some major snow gear and hit the slopes for some tubbage. it was wild and we had a blast. not to mention, we were getting pretty hot with all that stuff on.

december is always cut off a little short due to finals week in school and then heading home for the holidays. so we had very little time to do the tradition christmas activities in utah but i wouldn't want to be anywhere else then where im at now in georgia with my fam. the weather has been out of this world! mid 60's and tomorrow its scooting on up to mid 70's. a little rain here and there, more so a mist but the sun will be shining tomorrow and im pumped because we are taking a drive to my favorite place in the whole united states : charleston, south carolina. im ready to just dive right in to the charm of the south. wish you could come with so that you could fall in love with a place that i could go on and on and on about.

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