kitty cat cali q.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

(millie above)
once upon a time, my parents moved to england for a little less than a year and we sadly had to give our family cat, miss cali q. robbins away. i was devastated. i felt like i lost a loved one. my roommates made fun of my love for my cali girl, but she really was my friend. she'd sleep on the left lower end of my bed in high school every night. she'd follow me around during the day and i never minded her company. i bawled like a baby when i moved away to college because i didn't want to leave her or confuse her of my absence. she really is the love of my life.

when my parents told me the news of having to get rid of cali, i was crying to my roommates about it, and em and her boyfriend decided to surprise me a year ago with a new kitten of my own. i named her millie. but she wasn't declawed, and i wasn't home enough to give her the attention she needed. and to be quite honest, as lame as this sounds, i felt like i was cheating on my cali q. so we gave millie girl away to some friends and knew she'd be happier in a better home. i still can't believe my roommate did that. it kind of cracks me up that we had a cat for a couple of weeks.

i sure do miss my real kit cat though. i think of her often. i will say i am thankful that someone else is taking care of her and i wont be around for when she passes away. im not good with change AT ALL. and that would be a lot for me to swallow. i think i'd drop out of school with depression. so c.q. and i left off on a really good note and she's still my sister. i love my little lion cat.

(cali q and i. childhood)
she's just been on my mind tonight. a lot. so glad she was mine. i feel very blessed.
goodnight world. hope you had a great weekend.

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J & J said...

rachel this post makes me feel really sad. really, really sad. i loved her too. she was my friend too. our sweet kitty. miss that cali.

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