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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thanks to our love nicolette, us four roommates, all in a little row headed on up to the stein eriksen lodge in park city, utah for a adventurous conference weekend. for a classy place, i must say we were a tad bit out of our element. when the four of us are together, we can get a little loopy and begin to forget what it's like to be classy women. instead we pick up the characteristics of a teenage boy.

for instance, she who will not be named is never known for "fluffing." while waiting for our lodge key in the lounge, she who will not be named and i were talking, very near to our stein eriksen greeter and we were getting a little hyper. right as the greeter was ready to escort us to our lodge, she who will not be named let out the loudest "fluff" in the entire world. she who will not be named, quickly pulled herself together, eyes real wide, mouth just gaping open in awe, starred at me in terror, fearful of looking around to see if anyone else realized she had let out a fluff. I nearly collapsed to the floor wheezing, just wheezing. for the life of me, i could not pull myself together. the other two girls went ahead with our greeter, not knowing what had happened while she who will not be named and i dragged ourselves along the long long ever so long walk through the lodges. still laughing. i never gained a breath of air. i just kept replaying the fluff in my head that had occurred at the stein erikson of all places. oh my gosh, it was killing me. i wanted to just hide in a ditch and laugh hysterically with out a care in the world, but she who will not be named and i felt that we had to try and keep ourselves as content as possible and be classy for our mr. stein erikson greeter man. it didn't happen. the three ahead were so confused why we couldn't stop laughing. finally, after what felt like an hour, we arrived to our lodge and being the last to enter, the greeter sarcastically asked me if everything was okay. lying I kept my head down in embarrassment and mumbled yes. he then replied, "yeah... are you sure about that." shocked by his sassiness, i looked up and very firmly said, " yeah im pretty sure everything is a-okay, thanks for your concern." closed the door and she who will not be named and i lost it again. you most likely wont think this is as funny as i do but it was a moment like this where i find myself really happy for my friends. weird how a "fluff" can do that to someone, but honestly, we were so caught up in our laughter that everything else around us was kind of pushed aside and i can't help but think to myself, "MAN are my girlfriends hysterical."

the lodge provided us robes. mine of course was too long due to my polly pocket height. nonetheless, we took it to extreme and niki was ever so kind to share her red lipstick to add to the hype of all things. we were really just out of control, laughing at every stupid thing that was said or done. being loud and obnoxious in the ja ja ja jacuzzi. constantly talking about how excited we were to devour the all you can eat brunch buffet the next day. we acted like children. let the children play i say, so we did. we couldn't have had a better time together.


Jenna said...

k you guys seriously know how to have a good time. i just was thinking the whole time i wish i was there for the entertainment! haha i was dying laughing. could i be invited to the next excursion??? love you guys!

Nicole said...

what a fun weekend. Let's go back!

this might tickle your fancy

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