going green.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

are you drooling? i bet you are, if not, that's fine... i question your thoughts but it's okay. we all have our own opinions. if you ask mine, i will flat out say that i oo & awe at this green machine. everything about this set up, the lamps, the golden bamboo mirror, the gold brackets and black tassels. i've got to have it. so i will attempt to do so.

im taking a huge risk right now, and im pretty excited / nervous. I have had this DI dresser for about two years now, and i did a really crappy painting job, just to get the job.  it was a pretty golden yellow, and you could see the paint dripping and i literally painted my drawers sealed shut.

well, its time to finally make an actual attempt on something nice, and this is my inspiration. with the help of my zekey zoo, we are slowly but surely getting the job done. i found the perfect kelly green paint. grabbed myself some great brackets and found some cheap-o sale anthro knobs, i mean cheap $2.00 cheap. i have this fabulous antique white lamp stand from an antique shop that i have been dying to put to use. all i need is a great golden bamboo mirror and a cheap beige lamp shade. im on the lookout, if you see anything, please feel free to let me know. i'd love that.

keep you posted on the final project! yipee!

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