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Monday, October 10, 2011

gah. i love this song oh so much. elvis has so much soul. i will say though, at times i find myself laughing at his stiff body movements but i know he's just feeling the music. zekey zoo and i watched my all time favorite suspense movie, "the skeleton key." 
this movie gets me every time for the following reasons : 

1. kate hudson, america's golden girl
2. takes place in the south : new orleans, louisiana
3. it's filled with jazz bands & gumbo
4. haunted plantation home produced of two famous ones i plan to visit
* the felicity plantation & the oak alley plantation
5. the bayou 
6. the eerie voodoo & witchcraft of the south. 

i make sure to watch this movie every time i go home to georgia, and luckily it's always on a huge thunderstorm kind of day. at the end of the movie while the credits were rolling, this song of elvis' comes on every time and i just love it. keep the credits a-rolling. i fall in love every time. enjoy this jam on your monday afternoon.


AaReAn said...

Rachel! Your painting was my first guest post...I got a few emails about it! So I sent them your way! Hopefully they contact you! :-)

Thanks again for doin' that!

Oh and if you haven't seen it...check it out!


party of four said...

I'm a blog stalker, but I will definitely be watching that movie now! We live in New Orleans, and I LOVE Oak Alley plantation...and all things New Orleans. Count me in! P.S. I too drool over that green dresser, and I have one already set aside to paint green. Holy adorable.

this might tickle your fancy

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