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Thursday, July 21, 2011

yaba daba doo. i have finally finished another painting. i started this painting in the winter/spring and put it aside and havent touched it since. a week ago i thought i needed to get this baby going. low and behold here she is. i think i love this painting. no, it's not an original. i have always had a thing for vintage travel & fashion posters. i will literally spend hours going through all of them on poster websites. the look of them gets me every time. last summer when i was in england with my parents, my dad bought me a vintage poster calender of landscapes. this devon painting above was in it for the month of january. i fell in love with the colors instantly and the technique that was used to paint. i kept imagining how beautiful this would look in oil on a massive canvas smack in the center of a wall. i knew i wouldn't be able to afford a painting like this so i decided to do it myself. thankfully, this time i pulled through and im really please to say it, but i love this devon.

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Rebecca Anderson said...

rach. i think this might be my favorite painting of yours. you are amazing! miss you!

this might tickle your fancy

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