pack your bags. im heading to the coast.

Friday, July 22, 2011

bathing suit: check / izze pops for the road : check / lady-like gems and jewels : check / beach towels : check check. / map to california : you bet your bottom dollars IM HEADING TO THE COAST!

im taking a little breather from the paintbrushes and canvas and im making my way to the sea & yes, disneyland. zekey zoo got us into walt's club 33 in the new orleans area of the park for a tasty little lunch. i can't wait to pound down loads of lobster & shrimp. i also am pretty curious as to what secrets are held in the park. i hear mr. disney was kind of a creepy guy. you know i really dig the suspense stuff.

the sea will become my friend and the sun will be kind to my skin if i really keep up with my 70 spf. with zeke around, i don't think that will be the issue. he is the SPF guru. really i couldn't be anymore pumped. i love road trips with zekey zoo. he's da besss. see you friends. im going to have fun in the sun now. buh-bye.

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