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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i really truly miss my girl nicole huntsman. she really is super special to me. she's currently spending her summer like any other lucky girl in the empire state of mind, new york! i am so excited that she is able to experience her internship out there but i hate to say it, im a little angry at that state. im just very lonesome here without her by my side and i do think it's about time for her to come home to me! 

i miss engulfing mounds and mounds of cafe rio and feeling really pretty 10 pounds later. i miss attempting to learn hip hop routines found on the internet and realizing we're really not that great. i miss blog stalking and picture collecting of our favorite things. i miss the fashion chit chat and the shopping sprees with my one and only. i miss our explosions of spirit fingers we dish back to each other - it's our way of high-fiving it. i miss her motherly way and her down to earth spirit. and i really really miss her advice. she is really wise, sometimes it blows my mind. all in all i love my nicolette and i cannot wait until she arrives to utah. i wish she were meeting me in the charm of the south, charleston or on the coast of the french riviera like we plan to in the future... but until then, our home in provo will do. 

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Nicole said...

How did I just now see this?? You are so darling. This made me miss you tons. Only a few more weeks until I see you! Love you!

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