world cup.

Monday, June 7, 2010

so the world cup begins? are you excited?
don't you love the world cup theme song? it really makes me happy.
kind of gives me the chills, makes me tear up a bit. not to mention it's an african song.
ever since my adventure to africa i fell in love with soccer, or 'futball' as the ghanaians call it. futball is their life. give them grass, give them gravel roads, they'll be playing. it's their one true love. before i left ghana, i gave my pair of nike tennis shoes to my little buddy godfred. he didn't have a pair and was playing barefoot with his buddies. i wasn't okay with that so i told him to take them. i knew having small feet would come in handy one day. i just hope those shoes take him to the world cup one day. that's his dream.
i can see it happening.
i love the world cup because it involves everyone.
i am a true believer that world wide sports makes the world go round. it allows us to become distracted of disasters and conflict with one another. we become unified in something that we all love. it's a beautiful thing really.
the world cup proves that there is a lot of good in this world. i believe more good than evil. we just don't focus on it as much as we should. so when you watch this video, smile and take in the goodness that we live in worldwide.
makes me want to travel all over and learn more about a person, a human being.
there is so much we have yet to learn of one another.
until then, we'll just unify with the world cup.
come on africa! is it bad that secretly im cheering for any african country? especially ghana? i guess my secrets out...
thank you world cup, for making the world go round.
and thank you 'wavin flag' for a song the world can sing together... happily.

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