miss sass-a-frass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i found my answer. and it makes me laugh. i think i figured out where i got my sass from.
my grandma jean.
i was going through some boxes tonight and found a cook book of recipes to remember her by. inside the book are random questions she had answered, one dealing with dating.
i cant stand dating.
i dont think she could either.
"my girlfriend begged me to double date with her. and my date was a real loser. i remember it was raining and i had my umbrella with me and threatened him if he touched me again i'd take it over his head. what an evening."
-grandma jean.
she's a hoot. im pretty sure i have said some threatening things in past dating experiences. i dont think im quite as bold as she was though. my sass was only expressed under my breath.
p.s. she was a fox.

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