memorial day weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the flowers were so pretty at the st. george temple.

red rockers. I asked a lady in walgreens, "hey, do you know where the red rocks are?" she had the most pathetic look on her face and said, "which ones?"
i wasn't embarrassed at all.
no worries, we spotted the ones we had our eyes on.

emma gemma. she's a smooth rider.

i love bootleg hotels. i love mexican food. and i love to be pumped up.

smart water: only because miss jen drinks it.
(jen aniston, you know, our girlfriend...)

we found some friends on the side of the road.

well, almost a month later and im posting about memorial day weekend. i haven't even posted about my 21st birthday. maybe i'll get around to that tomorrow. you know, a month and a half later. but memorial day...
me and my female folk packed our duffels last minute and booked 3 nights at the st. george inn, or what we like to call, "bootleg inn." splitting the cost between 5 girls resulted in nineteen bucks each for the whole weekend. "jackpot" is what people call these kind of deals.
we had some pretty interesting characters reside at bootleg in. they gave us all quite the laugh and quite the scare. it was entertaining. i think we ate mexican food for every meal. cafe rio or not, it was mexican, which really upset all of our stomachs by the end of the trip. we lived off of cards under a gazebo we spotted in a park. "b.s." ruled our lives. that's all we ever did. we even contemplated on packing the cards on our death of a hike in Zions to Angels Landing. have you ever heard of Angels Landing? I haven't, so i decided to google it. DONT. all you'll find are articles of people plummeting to their death. yeah, that will really boost your confidence of surviving a hike. but we managed to conquer the sucker. im about to get a little corny here but i say it with all honesty, once i made it to the top of angels landing, i felt like i could do anything.
i. am. serious.
no really, i said that out loud.
im not embarrassed to say that.
after the hike, we hit up pools we weren't members of, played a little cards, went exploring in the red rocks and brigham youngs house, took a sunday stroll around the temple. did a little this, and a little that. laughed a lot, almost peed from laughing. keyword: almost. listen, i have great friends. adventurous friends. so adventurous we packed our bags and booked a bootleg inn last minute. and it was the best weekend i've had in awhile. so happy late memorial day to you all. i mean i hate to be over due, but what did you do on memorial day?

we've started a tradition.
until next year san jore 2011.

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