what's up anthro?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

yo anthro. im about to beat your system.
watch and learn kittens.
see this beautiful 'gloria's garden' rug?
well miss gloria here is quite the dream boat. i drool over her day and night. i desire to have this soon to be prized possession. but her worth is more than what's located in the bank. let's just say, lowest bid for a teeny weeny size is rounded to about $400.00.
it's a rug, i know. and im 21 years old and i live in a provolone apt.
i know, it doesn't add up. but i have this sick fetish for interior.
so here is the wow factor.
im going to make my fingers bleed for this puppy.
it's called 'embroidery.'
i bought a yard of grey fabric and mounds of thread and i am going to do all that i can to sew this rug large enough to staple gun it on a 12x24 canvas.
this rug shall now be my new mural on my 'mermaid song' green walls. above my antique headboard that i snatched.
hello summer project.
here's only the beginning. take a look at the rug up top in the bottom left hand corner.
see that yummy peachy cream blossom? that is where i begin.
this only took me three days.
and i know. the purple color is off. by a lot. i swear im not color blind. but i forgot to bring a picture to the fabric store and i kicked myself for swearing that it was purple. whatever. color swapping is cool i guess...
no, not when you're a perfectionist.
i loose faith in this project at the end of every hour that i work on. then i slap and remind myself that i can and will finish this. i don't care how long it takes.
i mean why not kill two birds with one stone and use this for my portfolio in graphic visual arts? ehh?
mommy dearest, you'd be so proud of my motivation to be artistic like you.
i'll keep you all posted on this project. it's about to own my life.
until then... it was good knowing you.
oh and anthro: eat your heart out in about 5 months. suckers.


Brian said...

Looks good Rach....keep it up!

Shannan Charlene said...

I am RIDICULOUSLY impressed. You're doing this by hand? Did you just draw in the design yourself? Seriously Rach, I want to do this...

Jake and Jenna said...

woah. i am so impressed.

Amanda said...

oh my gosh this is going to look Amazing when you're done! I cant wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Rachel that is an amazing idea! way to go!!! i cant wait to see it when its done!

Nielsens said...

holy crap. can you teach me your ways?

this might tickle your fancy

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